Spanman Structural Software Compliance

Scope SpanMan is a software for the selection of timber and steel framing elements for all classes of buildings and all wind regions throughout Australia.
User Qualification 'General Building Practitioner' or 'Architect who is competent in building practice, selection, placement and fixing of various structural elements used in the construction of timber and/or steel buildings. Basic computer literacy in operating computer based applications is required.
Company Spanware Pty Ltd
17 Kerr Street
Fitzroy Victoria 3065
ACN 080 798 901
Declaration Spanware Pty Ltd certify that the SpanMan software complies with the requirements of the 'ABCB Protocol for Structural Software Version 2011.1'
NCC Name and Edition National Construction Code Series – Volume 2 – Building Code of Australia 2012.
Installation Reference The SpanMan software is a web based application, and does not require the user to download and install it.
Validation and Quality Assurance The software has been tested in accordance with Spanware Pty Ltd Quality Assurance procedures
Training Training is built into the SpanMan software
Revision/upgrading History Recent History is contained on the SpanMan website, which includes documented history of revisions and upgrades.
Software Features Design of timber and steel framing elements. PDF outputs of Design Certificates and Computations.